Important note:
The talks are 30 and 20 min INCLUDING Q&A.

Thursday 1st June


9:30-10:00 Wake up coffee, registration

Delivery of the NCAC Medal to prof. Marek Sarna
Session I: General
10:20 Encarni Romero Colmenero: SALT Status Update
10:40 Petri Vaisanem (tentative): Most recent updates from SAAO/SALT
11:00 Matt Bershady: Performance, Capabilities, and Early Observations with NIRWALS

11:30-11:40 short break (to stretch bones, etc.)

Session II:
11:40 Patrick Woudt: SALT, MeerKAT and MeerLICHT
12:10 David Buckley: Status of the SALT Transient Followup Programme
12:40 Phil Charles: SALT ToO studies of outbursting X-ray Transients

13:00-14:30 Lunch break

14:30 Mariusz Gromadzki: Transients classification and follow up with SALT
14:50 Joanna Mikołajewska: Highlights from SALT HRS monitoring of symbiotic and related binaries
15:20 Krystian Iłkiewicz: Investigating nova remnants with SALT
15:40 Poster presentations

16:00 -16:30 Coffee break

16:30 Thomas Killestein: Probing circumstellar environments of supernovae with high-cadence SALTICAM photometry
16:50 Lee Townsend: A SALT spectroscopic catalogue of Be/X-ray binaries
17:20 Marina Orio: X-ray binaries containing a Be star and a white dwarf
17:40 Itumeleng Monageng: The long-term Be disc and neutron star interaction of MAXI J0903-531

18:00 End

Friday 2nd June


9:30-10:00 Wake up coffee

Session III:
10:00 Tomasz Kamiński: A rare transition in the post-AGB star U Equ
10:20 Ayush Moharana: Study of evolution and dynamics of Compact Hierarchical Triples
10:40 Milena Ratajczak: Tracking ellipsoidal binaries with SALT
11:00 Christian Eze: Orbital parameter determination for a sample of massive pulsators in eclipsing binary systems observed with SALT

11:20-11:30 short break (to stretch bones, etc.)

11:30 Gerald Handler: Using SALT to understand tidally tilted pulsation
12:00 Andrzej Pigulski: Discovering the nature of the multiple system containing blue large-amplitude pulsator
12:20 Piotr Kołaczek-Szymański: Why is the loudest stellar heartbeat so loud?
12:40 Brian Chaboyer: RR Lyrae Stars as Distance Indicators

13:00-14:30 Lunch break

Session IV:
14:30 David Mkrtichian: SALT spectroscopic survey for non-radial pulsations in oEA stars
14:50 Ewa Niemczura: Chemically peculiar HgMn stars in the southern hemisphere
15:20 Natalia Posiłek: The problem of variability of chemically peculiar Am stars
15:40 Rodolfo Smiljanic: Follow-up high spectral resolution observations of metal-poor stars

16:00 -16:30 Coffee break

16:30 Simon Jeffery: The SALT survey of hydrogen-deficient stars and hot subdwarfs
17:00 Krzysztof Hełminiak: Stellar characterisation of ARIEL targets

17:20 End
19:30 Conference dinner at La Repubblica Ristorante

Saturday 3rd June


9:30-10:00 Wake up coffee

Session V:
10:00 Bożena Czerny: Reverberation mapping of quasars with SALT and quasar application for cosmology
10:30 Labanya Kumar Guha: Probing large scale gas flows with strong MgII absorbers
10:50 Antoine Mahoro: The [OIII] profiles of far-infrared active and non-active green valley galaxies
11:10 Paweł Zieliński: How do the SALT spectra help in classification of Gaia microlensing events and distance determination?

11:30-11:40 short break (to stretch bones, etc.)

11:40 David Homan: Insights into X-ray-selected AGN transient accretion events from eROSITA’s All-Sky Surveys I: Sample overview
12:00 Alex Markowitz: Insights into X-ray-selected AGN transient accretion events from eROSITA’s All-Sky Surveys II: Followups on individual AGN ignition events
12:20 Tathagata Saha: Multi-wavelength study of a flaring CLAGN source with double peaked Balmer lines
12:40 Ilani Loubser: Spectroscopic follow-up of galaxies from the MeerKAT Fornax Survey

13:00-14:30 Lunch break

Session IV:
14:30 Rosalind Skelton: BEAMS: Exploring the evolution of brightest cluster galaxies with a SALT large science program
14:50 “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SALT (But Were Afraid to Ask)” – will answer: Matt Bershady, Lisa Crause, Encarni Romero Colmenero, Lee Townsend, Petri Vaisanen
15:50 Summary by Brian Chaboyer

16:00 END of the conference



Cezary Galan: HRS monitoring of symbiotic stars with yellow giants and active systems during outbursts
Gerald Handler: Basic parameters determined for Beta Cephei pulsators from SALT spectroscopy
Daniel Holdsworth: Update on the Progress of HRS HS Pipeline development
Sebastian Kurowski: Characteristics of the accretion disc in V1040 Cen
Michał Radziwonowicz: Analysis of the symbiotic binaries using the SMC 147 system as an example